Sunday, March 6, 2011


After Months of looking, boat loads of stress, heartache and sleepless nights we finally caught a break!! Our bid was accepted for an amazing little farm house on the epping/Newmarket line! Now origionally we wanted to stick closer to the seacoast, but we couldn't find anything! We looked at so many houses with no yards and neighbors right in your face. It wasn't worth it.After all of the horrible neighbors we've had and the years of living spitting distance to strangers we wanted land and privacey and that's exactly what we got!! We have over an acre of land and we are surrounded by forest and farms! We have two neighbors down the road that we met and seem like really nice people. I know this is a new way of life we will have to get used to.
Our neighbor "Mo" is a hunter and a nascar lover, not that I'm judging, just not used to it! But the house is amazing, right out of Pottery Barn... wide oak floors, exposed beams, a fireplace in the kitchen! The bedrooms are a little small but hopefully we can do something about that! And it has the porch with the swing that Peter promised me on our wedding day! Anyway we are supposed to close on April 20th!! So I won't be able to sleep until then! With our luck a meteor will hit the house or the owner will go to prison before we can close. So fingers crossed, but at least the first part is over!! Here is a little sneak peak of what will hopefully be our new home!!