Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Hulu!!!

I can't believe our baby is already a year old! Don't judge me, he's the only baby I have! So on his birthday we took him to a park in Wayland to meet up with two of his sisters!! I was so freaking excited and curious to see if he would recognize his family. And without a doubt he did. The three of them played like they had been playing together their whole lives. They ran and jumped the same and had the same energy it was so nuts to see. Not many shelter rescue dogs get that kind of opportunity! Hopefully we will have them meet up again in the spring, and this time hopefully all five can get together. I'm really curious about Otis, Hurley's brother! He was so crashed out on the way home and you could tell he was sad to leave them. Anyway you can check out the little pictoral I whipped together for the online magazine

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Brilliant Idea

So as luck would have it, our new landlord has turned out to be a wife beating, lying crook. Yup, it's true. After our last insane, rug wearing psycho of a landlord in Belmont I thought for sure there was no way it could be worse. I was wrong. It all came to the surface back in October when the down stairs neighbor's oil tank burst. Instead of fixing the problem, like any normal person would, our landlord starting to weave a web of lies and procrastination that eventually after 2 months got the best of us. We were forced to pay the heating bills of the other neighbors and were left with a stinking, old oil tank leaking against our furnace. Not cool. Not safe. After a ridiculous amount of pleads and second, third and fourth chances we finally had to go to the fire department to see what could be done. Well from there all hell broke loose! The police got involved and blah blah blah turns out we are renting from a mad man who has a not so pretty rap sheet. So what do we do? Our dream was to buy a house in Portland Maine. But there are no jobs there for us now. We don't want to buy a house In Boston because neither one of us want to be here anymore and the thought of throwing away thousands of dollars to a crook for renting another shit hole is enough to turn my hair gray. We were stuck. But then it came to us... New Hampshire! I went to college in New Hampshire and loved it, but never, not once did I ever think I would be looking for a house there! Outside of Keene, New Hampshire seemed scary. A world of NASCAR, Hunting and second cousins marrying each other. A World of toothless men with shot guns on front porches and Pregnant woman in half shirts at bars. It was our dear friends Margaret and Bill Clifford that swayed the vote. They live in a small town outside of Portsmouth and Love it! Bill had been trying to convince us to head up that way "Live Free Or Die" or whatever those hicks say! But as time went on and we spent more and more time up there, the Portsmouth area really started to grow on us! We would get Waaaaay more bang for our buck, tons of land, close to the ocean, cut an hour and half off our Squirrel ride and Portsmouth is actually a pretty kick ass town. Pete and I are always up for an adventure. We survived a honeymoon in India, I think we can handle living in new Hampshire. So its been decided. All we need now are a few shot guns, something John Deer made and one of those belly shirts with the tassels and beads - For Pete of course. New Hampshire here we come!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Peace Out Holidays!

So the Holidays are officially over. I can already feel the onset of depression, mostly due to the 10 pounds I always seem to gain around now. But it's also hard to say goodbye to all the warmth and cheer. You spend months preparing for Christmas and then before you can blink it's over! Lights down, 75% ornaments at Target and the fist fights between mothers at the Market Basket deli counter resume. I have to say though, this Holiday season was one of the best and it's all due to the amount of holiday movie/tv crap I ingested! It became really fun for Pete and I to cuddle up and choose what to watch next. Though I didn't get to write about them all, For the 25 days of December leading to Christmas, we watched over 35 movies/TV specials! And the list for next year is even longer. I can't recomend it enough! And hopefully these posts have given you a little insight into what Christmas really means...