Monday, November 28, 2011

A Creative Space

So we are finally done with the office! This room was really important to us. Both of us being artists means we really needed a calm and creative space to get work done. For the last umpteen years we have been forced to share our "creative space" with a bedroom, guest room, cat room... But now we have a space that's just for us and all that goodness that will come out of us! uuuhhh... ew? Its a smaller room that eventually will be "hypothetical baby's" room so I wanted to paint it with warm soothing blues and greens. I didn't want to have to paint again! The slant on the ceiling made it hard to see where the wall stopped and the ceiling began so I made a creative decision to paint the slant blue! That was a bitch, eyeing it with tape! ugh! But I think it worked out. The room gets a ton of sun through the skylight and it's so cozy!! We repainted an old bookshelf and shelf papered the shelves and now it holds my vast collection of children's books. I know, I'm nuts but I can't get enough of them! Plus it's research because Eventually I will be writing my own in this very room! Our old Pic Nic dining room table is now our kick ass desk. Just because it's a desk, doesn't mean it needs to be metal or a traditional computer desk. Its the perfect size to hold Pete's mammoth computer fixin's and also have room to write or scrap book!!

Speaking of scrapbooking, I have to get back on that! My old bureau which we tried to get rid of for years is now my scrapbooking center! Seriously, this was like the little bureau that could! We tried to sell it on craigslist and people kept saying they wanted it and never came to get it. We tried to give it to Big Brothers Big Sisters but we forgot to put it out on the right day. We tried to give it to Goodwill and then they forgot to come get it and eventually we had to move so it lived in our shed! But a tiny $2.00 jar of latex paint and some water turned this drab dresser into a shabby chic Armoire! I had some terrifying yet awesome hermit crab knobs that were From Anthropologie, marked down from $12.99 to $1.99 each, so I had to jump on them! I also had been hoarding some turquoise ceramic knobs from Homegoods. It took about 2 hours and VERY minimals tools (I'm still learning not to be afraid of them) And it really came out great! I wanted something that looked a little older but still could add some colour and this definitely did the trick!

Unfortunately even though I painstakingly painted the perfect colors and got everything the way I wanted, Pete has to put up sound foam all around the room in order to work from home! I was not a happy camper, even wanted to spend a few hundred dollars on foam that would match better! But at the end of the day, this foam was free and if it means my Boots can now work from home I'll take it!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirties Shmirties

I have been meaning to get this post up for some time now, about 10 months to be exact. Maybe I was too busy crossing things off my list! You see, when I turned thirty I didn't feel the Grim Reaper on my shoulder or a pain in my chest caused by all the things I have yet to achieve. Instead I felt hope and excitement for what is to come.
I loved my twenties! I graduated college, fell in love, moved out on my own, starred in numerous plays and movies, traveled the world, found my soul mate, got married, adopted a dog... But most of my twenties were about reclaiming my youth. They were about pure gluttony and partying until 3am and getting up at 8:00am for work 6 days a week. They were about squeaking by in every sense of the word and burning the candle at every end possible. I wasn't really concerned with things like settling down, having a career or starting a family. But towards the end of the decade those things started to become more clear, as the image I had of myself became more clear. Dreams and desires became more defined and I had a better image of what kind of life I wanted to live.
I turned thirty on a cruise with my husband and some great friends. Instead of wanting to throw myself off the boat for feeling "old" I went zip lining and promised to embrace as much of my thirties in a positive way as possible. Now that the gluttony was out of my system, I vowed to take everything I learned in the last thirty years and apply it to a new life!
My best friend and her husband decided to make "40 before 40" lists when they turned 30. I love this idea, it shows that they are embracing their thirties and want to make sure they are really living life. Well I love lists, sometimes I make lists of lists I have to make! It's so satisfying to cross of each item!  I figure by making it public, it will make it harder to ignore. It's not all about doing huge, world changing things like curing AIDS, it's about doing things that you have never done before. It's about living the way you always dreamed you could. Each item you cross off your list, is confirmation that you are living the life you want and it's a great reminder to live life to the fullest.
So here is my list, though I have had to tweak it a million times, the first three lists looked like a travel channel line up. I had to really search for things that involved more than traveling - that's a list of its own! But the good news is, that I have already started to cross things off. My plan as the days, months and years tick by is that I complete AT LEAST 32 of these items before I'm 40. It's a good number. And who knows, the list may change and I'm sure I'll add more but for now I like the looks of it. The travel list may take a bit longer, but that's okay.

Katie's 40 before 40 List

1. Be a mother
2. Own a house - CHECK BITCHES!
3. Bake something from scratch by actually following a recipe to the T
4. Run a 5K (though its awful for my knees)
5. Cut down my own Christmas tree
6. Host a big Thanksgiving meal
7. Have my writing published
8. Own my own successful business
9. Get into a REAL exercise routine. One that becomes a way of life as opposed to doing it when I can.
10. Follow a regimen through, whether it is a bottle of vitamins or a tooth whitening kit, JUST FINISH IT!
11. Take 1-2 classes in interesting things every year i.e. photography, cooking, writing, pottery...
12. Learn another language enough to hold a real conversation.
13. Try snowboarding
14. Meet Tom Hanks, Chris Martin, Ellen Degeneres or Mandy Patinkin, hug them and say Thank You.
15. Learn how to knit or sew
16. Volunteer with endangered animals
17. Learn how to play Black Jack - like for real not just yelling HIT ME and crying when I loose $5.00
18. Get certified in SCUBA
19. Learn to horseback ride
20. Sing at an open mike night
21. Learn how to play the Ukulele
22. See the Aurora Borealis
23. Put together a real family tree for both sides
24.  Blog at least 3 times a week for at least 6 months - What What this is two for the week!
25. Write a Children's Book Series
26. Learn to drive stick - it's important for emergency escapes
27. Take a spontaneous last minute vacation
28. Watch the AFI top 100 Movies
29. Complete all my old scrap books that are lying around and then remain up to date on photo albums.
30. Be on Wheel Of Fortune
31. Enter at least one contest a week. I never win anything, but I never play either.
32. Be more computer Savy
32. Commit and study to be REALLY REALLY good at something not just skate by on being kinda good at a bunch of things
33. Get back into Dancing and explore different kinds beyond Modern and Hip Hop.
34. Plant a real vegetable Garden
35. Learn how to take a compliment
36. Be an extra in a major movie - with actual screen time
37. Order at least one new thing when eating out, instead of going to the old standbys!
38. Be at an ideal weight and stay there
39. Get rid of all the hidden crap in my closets, basement, sheds that we don't use but hold onto.
40. Learn how to rock climb

Katie's Travel/Adventure List

1. Go to our homelands and hunt down old relatives
2. Spend Christmas in Europe
3. Ride a gondola in Venice and be there for Carnival
4. See the Grand Canyon
5. Drive Cross Country
6. Visit AT LEAST 5 more states that I have never been to.
7. Climb The Eiffel Tower and read a book in a café in Paris
8. Revisit the Vatican and see the Sistine Chapel (I purposely didn't go in when I was there to insure that I would return)
9. Go to Churchill and See polar bears in their natural habitat
10. Take a cruise to Alaska and kayak next to a glacier
11. Explore Machu Pichu
12. See the pyramids in Egypt
13. Go on an African Safari
14. Swim with great white sharks in South Africa - or lets be completely honest, maybe be on a boat, safely away from the side, in water that is near where a great white shark might be sleeping…
15. Spin a globe with my eyes close, point and go there.
16. Ride an elephant in Thailand maybe hit a full moon party and see the Grand Palace
17. Scuba the Great barrier Reef
18. Pet some sheep in New Zealand maybe go zorbing and see whales in Kaikoura
19. Go to an Ice Hotel in Sweden
20. Float in the Dead Sea
21. Visit a concentration camp
22. Wear a fuzzy hat in front of the Kremlin.
23. Revisit India and do all the things we were too scared to do and be there for Holi
24. Blow Bubbles on the Brooklyn Bridge
25. Live like a local somewhere for at least a month
26. Trek along the great wall of China
27. Be in Spain for La Tomatina
28. Stay in a hotel room on stilts on the ocean in a place like Bora Bora or Bali
29. Visit Stonehenge
30. Spend the night in a castle in Scotland or Ireland
31. Make a phone call in a London Red Phone Booth
32. Visit the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia
33. Visit Easter Island and see the Moai
34. Go Camping
35. Visit the Croatian coast and Islands
36. Go to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket
37. Hit at least 5 American random festivals or large food factories
38. Trek through the Amazon - when all the bugs have been removed
39. Take a super fancy train ride through the Alps
40. Swim with dolphins, whales or manatees

Do you have a list? Cause you should...
Cheers - here's to a life of adventure and living each day to it's fullest!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where The Hell Have I Been???

Wowee! Sorry about that everyone! I literally dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to blogging! I apologize to all 3 of you that have been wondering where my fabulously useless posts have been. Bottom line is, I got Lazy. I am so computer retarded that I would spend hours on making the perfect post. Everything would be lined up and the pictures looked perfect... Then I would post the thing and it comes out all dyslexic, the lists have become paragraphs, the pictures are all over, nothing is bold. It was driving me nuts. I'm sure I could take a class on how to blog or find a computer guru to tell me how to set it all up, but I lost my energy...
Because I started a new business!!

 Yup this post will now be a little plug for my new business Petits Lapins! We are Oooh Lala Clothes at Oooh Low Low prices! Basically what we do is buy and sell upscale, brand name American and European children's clothes.
We take all the hard work out of searching around for good deals in consingment shops and yard sales! No mom has enough time (Or enough purell) to spend HOURS searching through second hand stores in hopes of finding one or two little gems for their goobers!
What we have done is taken aaaaallll those gems and put them all together in an easy and affordable shopping experience. Right now we are on a trial facebook store at - go on plug that right into your browser (computer word!) and request us as a friend and let the shopping begin!
But Katie HOW DO I SHOP on Facebook??

I'm glad you asked! Its super easy! First thing you do is friend request us!
Then take a look at all of our photo albums for Boys & Girls sizes New Born to 5/6 or check out the outerware album! If you see something you want to purchase, make a note underneath it in the form of a comment.
When you are done shopping send us a Mesg with your:
Items Wanted
And BAM! I will send you a paypal invoice via email right then and once it's paid your products will be shipped off to you! Couldn't be easier!

Our goal for after the Holidays is to get a "real" online store up and running. Again see my comment about being a technotard, it's not easy for me but it will make life a lot easier!
The real goal is to open an actual brick and mortor store on the sea coast of New Hampshire. I have tons of amazing moms from Etsy who are interested in selling their couture baby products in our store, which would be amazing! Not only would we be helping out small businesses but we would be offering something different to the public. So much of the baby garb out there today is all the same!!
Anyway we are a ways away from a real store with the economy and everything else, but hopefully someday soon that will be a reality!

But Katie I am also a Technotard but I really want to shop!!

No worries! Why don't you book a Petits Lapins home show! Email us to get the ball rolling! But Basically you call all of your mama, grandma, nanny, gay male friends have them over for cocktails and appetizers and shops for amazing baby clothes right in your own home. Picture an old school tupperware party but with wine! A mama's night out for you and your friends and YOU will Receive a % of the party sales in credit to the store! So the more money your party makes the more loot you get to walk away with!! Perfect for Christmas shopping!! Email us to book a party!
So that's where I've been. Where have you been???
I promise to get back on the ol' blogging horse ESPECIALLY because Christmas is coming which means MORE CHRISTMAS MOVIE REVIEWS!!! What what!! Last year we watched over 35 Christmas specials, TV shows and Movies and this year we are hoping for even more! Send me your suggestions as it is right around the corner!!

Ah, feels good to be back.

Check us out!! sign up for coupons, deals and updates or to book a show in the NH/MA area!